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ABT Metals tube and pipe bending services will allow you to form materials to match your exact specifications. Whether you need to bend steel pipe, steel tubing, or shaped structural steel, our team of engineers will use cutting edge equipment to provide tube bending services that you can rely on.

Our team is committed to meeting the needs of your material order and providing a high quality product in an efficient manner. Whether you are in search of pipe bending services, tube bending services, or shaped steel bending services, ABT Metals can help you. Our precision tube and metal bending service uses the latest CNC tube bending technology to ensure accurate bends.

ABT Metals offers CNC precision tube bending services with modular rolls and tooling that allow for nearly all types of tubing, solids, shapes, and extrusions. Our Comac bender has the ability to bend steel pipe up to 6” diameter, schedule 40. The equipment used here at ABT Metals will help you efficiently and cost effectively bend metal tube and pipe.

Not only can we provide tube bending services, our team of engineers will work with you to develop a process that will allow us to scale the production of bent steel tubes and pipes. Contact us today to learn more about how ABT Metals steel tube and pipe bending services can help you. Our engineers will be more than happy to discuss options and help you find the most efficient solution to your tube and pipe bending requirements.

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