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When it comes to metal shearing and cutting, ABT Metals has you covered with high-quality service and the right equipment to get your project done the right way the first time. What is metal shearing and cutting? Both are similar in the metal fabrication process. Shearing is used to trimming and removing any unwanted material from your sheet metal. This usually involves a machine like a bench shear to slice through the sheet metal. This is done with extreme precision and doesn’t require heat of any kind. It’s usually done while the sheet metal is cold or at room temperature. 

One of the advantages of shearing is that it’s an efficient and fast process. It can be done in seconds. The cuts are clean and give smooth edges. Shearing can be done in a variety of sizes in diameter. It’s also cost-effective, which allows us to pass savings on to you. Another advantage is that it can be done at room temperature without heating the sheet metal. We can shear aluminum, stainless steel, steel, iron, bronze, and even copper. Shearing does differ from cutting. Shearing uses straight blades, while die-cutting will use curved blades. Metal cutting is removing any unwanted material, usually in the form of chips. These are drawn from a block of metal using a cutting tool. At ABT Metals, we use both depending on your project and needs.

Equipment in the Metal Shearing and Cutting Process

Having the right equipment is essential for any metal manufacturing project. The tools and machines used can make a project move faster and more efficiently without sacrificing any quality. One of the most common tools used for shearing is bench shear or level shear. This is a cutting tool mounted to a surface like a workbench. While it’s small and lightweight, and it’s easy to use and only requires a stable surface for its mounting. 

Guillotine machines can also be used to shear on a project. These are often referred to as power shears. The guillotine machine is more complex than the bench shear. It’s powered either hydraulically or mechanically. The powered blades all this machine to slice through sheet metal faster and more efficiently than the standard bench shear. 

Metal Shearing and Cutting Services at ABT Metals

At ABT Metals, we’re able to help you with most of your shearing and cutting needs with the equipment we have. Other cuttings services we offer are done without Laser Cutting Machine and Water Jet Cutting equipment.

ABT Metals strives to deliver high-quality service and products to our customers. When it comes to our shearing and cutting services, we believe that each cut or shear should be precise and handled with the care needed for your project. If you need to take advantage of one of our services, feel free to contact us today!

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