Grinding & Sanding

We provide our customers with a quality finished product using our surface grinding and sanding machinery. Giving your metalwork a finished, glistening shine can turn it from a bland product into a piece of art. Our equipment is capable of grinding various materials including ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Metal Surface Grinding

Our surface grinding machine is used either to smooth out a rough metallic surface or to remove a precise amount of material. Grinding machinery consists of a large table that moves on a horizontal plane below a grinding wheel. When grinding is used to smooth a surface, it removes burrs, levels welds, and creates sharp edges. Occasionally manual grinding has to take place to reach every area of a part’s surface to ensure that all areas have been ground accordingly.

Ferrous and Nonferrous Material Sanding and Grinding

We are able to work with both ferrous and nonferrous materials when grinding. This gives you the freedom to have your part manufactured out of many different types of metals. Ferrous metals usually have a main component of iron in them and are extremely strong and malleable. Nonferrous metals are not corrosive, so they are useful for making parts that will be exposed to the elements. Whatever your part is made out of, we will be able to work with it.

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