Drilling & Tapping

Our drilling and tapping services are capable of handling both high and low volume orders. Whether it is metalwork prototype production or a large order of parts, we will handle the job. We also provide customers with countersinking services to deburr and give a clean and finished look to parts. We are equipped with the machinery capable of PEM nut and stud installation as well as providing specialty tapping for scenarios in which basic equipment cannot handle the job.

Specialty tapping services

We can handle any tapping and drilling job you can throw at us with our extensive inventory of equipment. We supply our customers with specialty tapping services, allowing us to exceed expectations on the quality and functionality of your part. In many cases, specialty tapping is required to meet the design needs of a unique part. Some designs require that tapping varies in thread combination or diameter. We want to ensure that we can complete any task that is given to us, so we are well prepared with all the tapping tools we need.

Prototyping services

We give our customers all the designing and planning help that is needed to come up with the best possible end result of their particular project. Our special equipment allows us to give our customers the product they want, no matter how unique or difficult the project may be. Prototyping is an important part of the design process and we look forward to helping you develop prototypes for your metal part or product. We are committed to each and every customer and will do whatever we can to bring their prototype to life.

PEM Nut and Stud Installation services

We use PEM Nuts and Studs for its self-clinching, flaring, broaching, surface mount, or weld technology to provide a strong fastening point on parts. These fasteners provide sturdy and long-term threads to thin sheet metal and other materials. We have the machinery capable of applying PEM fasteners to parts that require it.

Countersinking services

We use countersinking in projects to get your manufactured part looking professional and complete. Countersinking removes burrs from the surface of drill holes and allows for inserted screws to lie flush with their surrounding surface. Burrs can also be hazardous when handling a metal part, so it is best to remove them immediately. We have different countersinking methods that can be used in various projects that require it.

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