At ABT Metal Manufacturing, we offer a wide range of metal manufacturing services to fit your project. We build parts for numerous industries like construction, firearms, energy, military, automotive, medical, and many others. We operate a 150,000+ square foot facility which allows us to do our work more efficiently and provide high-quality services. Whether it’s cutting, fabrication, stamping, machining, deep draw, or punching, we have you covered.

Metal Stamping Process

Metal punching is a process of metal fabrication. It removes a scrap slug from a metal workpiece every time a punch enters the punching die. This process will leave a hole in the workpiece. Some characteristics are involved in the punching process. One is the ability to produce holes in strip and sheet metal. This is done during a medium or high production process and is economical in its approach. Another characteristic is the ability to produce holes of different shapes quickly, which saves time. The process forces a hardened steel punch through a piece of metal. The diameter will determine the hole size that’s created in the workpiece. Though punched material is more commonly done in metal sheets, rolled material can also be punched to fit your needs.

Metal Stamping Equipment at ABT Metals

At ABT Metals, we use manual and automated machinery for punching. Regardless of whether you need a simple punching job or something produced in volume. We have you covered as our equipment can force its way through 150 tons of pressure and clean and fast cut. Using our Widermann turret punch press, it assists us with prototypes and even manufacturing sort or medium production runs. It all depends on your project and needs. For longer runs of productions, we use both manual and CNC presses that can run progressive dies up to 150 tons. 

Metal Stamping Services at ABT Metals 

ABT Metals is dedicated to excellence in the metal manufacturing industry. As a full-service metal fabrication shop in North Carolina, we believe that excellent customer service is a journey from project introduction to the final product’s final delivery. As each job and our clients’ needs are different, our high-quality and precise punching services are designed with these needs in mind. With ABT Metals, quality comes first in everything we do. Quantity follows second as we bring value-added engineering to you. Your satisfaction is essential to our reputation and longevity as a company. Our high-quality service and workmanship are what keeps us going and allows us to serve you better.

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