ABT Metals Engineers are here to help you see your part or assembly become a reality. We can work with your finalized design or create a 2D drawing or 3D model from a scribble on a napkin. Our Engineering Department works closely with our customers to determine if there’s a more economical way to reliably produce higher quality, on-time parts.

Our Engineering and Design Services

We have an excellent team of knowledgeable engineers here at ABT Metals. Our engineers have years of experience working with customers and designing the parts requested for manufacturing. If you are not completely sure how you would like a part to come out, we will help you with the design process so that you get the product you envisioned. If you have a good idea of the part you would like to have manufactured, our engineers will work on refining the idea and start the manufacturing process. We can even help you reverse engineer a part if you do not have drawings for. 

Efficient and Economical Design Services

At ABT Metals, we want to ensure that we are using all resources efficiently and economically. This means that we will minimize material waste as often as possible. Less material used in manufacturing means a lower unit cost for you. When we produce a design for your part, our engineers will do a wonderful job making sure that materials are not going to waste. We also want to give our customers the highest quality product. Our engineers will work with you to determine if we can produce higher quality parts in a more economical way.

Design Your Custom Part

We want to see your product come to life just as much as you do. We love when our customers tell us that the design we have produced is exactly what they were looking for in their product. If you only have a small idea of the part you would like to manufacture, we will help you the rest of the way. If your idea is sketched out on the back of a napkin, bring it to us and we will help you complete the picture. After finding a design that pleases you, we will load it into the machines and start manufacturing. We are willing to help you from start to finish at ABT metals.

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