Special Projects

If you have a special project that you are unsure where you can get it shaped into metal, ABT Metals can do it. We have numerous different types of metal cutting and forming tools that are capable of doing many different types of projects. Our arsenal of machinery allows us to create almost anything you can imagine.

We do not only do high-volume production jobs for our customers. We can help if you would like to have any small projects done. Even if the job consists of only creating one unit we can help you. Bring in your ideas or rough prototypes and we will see what we can come up with together.

Our equipment

Our facility has the machinery required to produce any type of part that you desire. If you would like to create a prototype for production, just one part, or a uniquely shaped part, we can help you with the process. We have an arsenal of metal forming equipment that we use to get any special project done. Some of the machinery we have can perform tasks such as stamping, waterjet cutting, laser cutting, shearing, punching, milling, and bending just to name a few. If you have a unique design that you need to be made into a part, we can use our extensive list of equipment to get the job done.

Our Design Process

If you need help with the design process of a prototype or a part you would like to manufacture, we can help you create both. Our skilled professionals have years of experience working with 3D modeling software. We can have a special project designed and manufactured right at our facility.

Do you have a unique or special project? We are often asked to assist with designing and/or building things you just can’t find. When required, our skilled drafters can produce three-dimensional models using Inventor 3D modeling software. ABT Metals can help take your idea from concept to finished product.

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