Metal Fabrication Near South Carolina

Here at ABT Metals, we strive to serve all of our customers’ metal fabrication needs in South Carolina.  If you live in the state of South Carolina and have a project where you need some sort of metal fabrication done – whether that may be CNC milling, laser cutting, or something else – ABT Metals is here to help.  Located in Statesville, North Carolina, just above the state of South Carolina, we are prepared to take on any idea you may have.  The following are some of the services we offer here at ABT Metals:

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CNC Milling 

CNC milling refers to removing material from a piece of metal.  Our metal milling machine removes tiny pieces of material from the metal at a fast pace, which efficiently drills, bores, creates slots, or manufactures gears.  Additionally, we have metal turning equipment that allows us to shape metal parts to turn them into other items by removing material.

Metal Bending

With metal or steel bending, we apply force to a piece of sheet metal in order to alter its shape.  The amount of force we put on the item allows us to move the metal into whatever position we want it to look like, without changing the length of thickness of the piece of metal itself.  If you are in the South Carolina area with a metal bending request, ABT Metals can help bring your projects to life.

CNC Laser Cutting

Do you need to mass produce metal parts for a product, or does your product require precision cutting?  You may be looking for CNC laser cutting.  Here at ABT Metals, we use our fiber optic lasers – which can cut steel up to 1” thick – to produce whatever precise part you need, however many times you need it done.  Our professionals are even able to help you develop and design the metal parts if you are looking for further assistance.

Metal Lasera cutting services

Rebar Stirrup Bending

With our rebar stirrup bending machine, we can provide you with type 125, 126, and 139 standees within 4-6 weeks when parts are available.  Our machine has top of the line speed and accuracy, as well as the best control system around.  You’ll never need to worry about the quality of the standees you are receiving from us.

Contact ABT Metals For All Your Metal Fabrication Needs

If you are interested in any of the previously mentioned services or have any questions regarding additional projects in the South Carolina area, please contact ABT Metals today.  We accept orders of all sizes – no project is too big or too small for us.

For a full list of our services, check out our services page.  Feel free to fill out the contact form below so we can find out how ABT Metals will be the perfect fit for you – we are happy to explain any of our services in further detail and walk you through exactly how the process works.  We look forward to working with you soon!

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