Copper Metal Fabrication in North Carolina

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If you are interested in copper metal fabrication near the Statesville, North Carolina area, ABT Metals Manufacturing LLC is ready to help fulfill all of your production needs.  As one of the largest metal manufacturers on the east coast, we are able to ship all kinds of products to and from our facility for your convenience.  No project is too big or too small.  Let’s see some of the benefits and techniques when it comes to copper metal fabrication.

Benefits of Copper Metal Fabrication

Copper is a very low-maintenance metal to work with, in addition to being rather affordable.  It also has a high corrosion resistance and natural sanitary characteristics.  Because of this, it’s a great metal to use for the beverage and medical industries.  Thanks to its conductivity, it works well in the electrical field, as well as in heat conduction. It is an incredibly malleable material, making it nice to use for a wide variety of products.

Copper Metal Fabrication Options

There are many different ways to machine your copper metal.  Luckily, copper can be made into just about any product, which makes it great to work with.

Metal Stamping

If you have a precise shape you wish to form your copper into, metal stamping is the perfect option.  It works great with cold forming methods, and metal stamping is just that.  It’s important to keep in mind how thick you want your metal to be and the intricacy of the shape, as that will play into the price factor.  Metal stamping is also incredibly important to the automotive and aerospace industries.

Sheet Metal Rolling

When you use metal rolling on copper, the copper is placed between two rolls that constantly rotate.  Typically, this process is used to make the metal sheet thinner or to alter the grain structure of the sheet.

Metal rolling is often considered a type of metal bending as well, because it is commonly used to form the material into cones and tubes.

copper pipe

Metal Bending

Metal bending copper has endless options.  There are different options in the way you can bend the material, such as v bending, u bending, wipe bending, and rotary bending.  Depending on the product you wish to create with the copper bending will likely decide the method used during production.  The possibilities are endless, so do not hesitate to tell our experts exactly what you are looking to create.


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