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If you are interested in carbon steel metal fabrication near the Statesville, North Carolina area, ABT Metals Manufacturing LLC is ready to help fulfill all of your production needs.  As one of the largest metal manufacturers on the east coast, we are able to ship all kinds of products to and from our facility for your convenience.  No project is too big or too small.  Let’s see some of the benefits and techniques when it comes to carbon steel metal fabrication.

Carbon vs. Stainless Steel

Carbon steel is any type of steel that has lower than 1% carbon content.  The difference between carbon and stainless steel isn’t the carbon content, but actually the chromium content.  The chromium is what allows stainless steel to have a higher corrosion resistance.

Without the excess chromium content, carbon steel has more of a risk of rusting.  To combat this, it often has a coating on it.

Carbon steel has a high ductility, which means it easily bends without cracking or breaking.  Stainless, on the other hand, does not bend as well.  Carbon steel is also easier to weld compared to stainless steel.   However, as it heats up and the carbon content increases, it does get increasingly difficult.

Fabricating Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is a ferrous steel – this once again points to its strength and durability.  It is an incredibly affordable material, and it’s no wonder that it is one of the most popular metals used in the metal fabrication process.  Carbon steel is the material often used in buildings, bridges, tools (such as drills), and other items of the likes.  

Mild steels have the ability to mold into nearly any desired shape, which gives it an advantage over other materials like stainless steel.  With carbon steel, you can roll it, cut it, weld it, paint it, punch it, and more – the possibilities are seemingly endless.

If you have a need for carbon steel fabrication of any kind, ABT Metals has all of the available equipment to meet your production needs.

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